Delightful Selling Experience with Christie: She Even Drove the Extra Mile!

I have been looking to make a move from Southern California for ages and a friend in Morro Bay, Ca recommended Christie Thomas to handle the sale of my home in Inglewood. I made the call! Since then it’s been a delight, skillfully, expertly handled experience thru out the process with her guiding the way. Her use of the photographer and picking the views more then enhanced the best aspects of the house. When there were issues she keep me informed Christie always stayed calm and would offer up options that were options that I could work with. Supportive, her support for my changes were total complete. Christie’s energy was very positive and infectious to all involved from buyer to seller!!! She was always offering to help and doing what ever was needed. It was a Great Learning Journey!!! PS, Christie did the ultimate gesture a friend or person can make, she had my beloved cat (whom run off the day we made the move & gone for over a month) trapped and delivered the cat personally to me 239 miles away!!!! I SAY MAKE THE CALL IF YOU NEED AN AGENT!! -- Charles T.

Response from Christie to Charles T.

Charlie, thank you so much for the awesome review. Ther’s probably no better indication of the high quality of service that real estate professionals provide than the testimonials from their past clients. It was an honor to help you sell your home and I was pleased that we were able to get your home sold for over 110% of your asking price! You deserve to enjoy your retirement and I’m honored to have been a part of your move… It was also my pleasure to help ensure your beloved cat made the move successfully as well. We strive to keep families together! :) Your new friend and realtor.

From Recommendation to Closing: Christie, Exceeded Expectations

When a friend of mine told me he and his siblings needed to sell their family home after their parents passed away, I told him about Christie. I’ve known Christie since back when she was directing projects at UCLA. She has always been very thorough. I knew he would be in good hands with Christie as his realtor. I was there for Christie’s first appointment with the family. She came prepared… a Power Point presentation, charts, graphs, and a folder full of info on what was happening in the market and what she could do to help them sell their home for top dollar. We were all impressed. They hired Christie to sell their home and they got an offer they liked within just a few days. She even periodically kept me informed on how things were going. My friend and his siblings were extremely happy with Christie’s work on their behalf. And I feel like a hero for being the one that brought them together. Thanks Christie! If I hear of anyone else who needs to buy or sell a property, I know to refer them to YOU. Thanks again for taking such good care of my friend. --Mr. Lindsey

Response from Christie to Mr. Lindsey

Thank you for the referral Mr. Lindsey. Selling a home that has been in the family for well over 50 years can be a major undertaking for a family, especially under the circumstances. I’m grateful you and your friend saw fit to allow me to help. His father’s foresight in placing the home in a living trust made the sale smoother than it could’ve been otherwise, and helped maximize the proceeds to the heirs once the sale was complete. Glad everyone is happy with the outcome. Many blessings to you all now and in the future.

Christie Advocated for Us the Entire Time

We cannot say enough positive things about Christie and just how instrumental she was in our home buying experience. From her deep knowledge of the areas we were interested in, to her network of connections with other professionals in the community, she was able to guide us effectively and efficiently in finding the perfect home! She has an assertive and ethical approach which always put our minds at ease through what can at times be a stressful experience. She was always highly organized and there was never a detail she missed along the way. Christie advocated for us the entire time and was able to negotiate on our behalf in the most productive way possible. She worked diligently with escrow, our loan officer and the seller's realtors to provide us with the best deal all around. She was always available to discuss strategy, to help us understand the mountain of documents that required signatures and even reached out to her many contacts to get clarification on the things that came up that had nothing to do with her areas of expertise. We are so lucky to have found Christie because she really did go above and beyond to make this home purchase happen for us! We've found the perfect home for our growing family and will always be grateful to her for being such a big part of this process. We love you Christie!!!! - Negar S.

Exceptional Dedication and Support: Christie, Our Trusted Realtor and Friend

We were so blessed to have found Christie! My husband and I are first time buyers and she was a perfect match for us. She was professional and very dedicated. She made us feel like we were her only clients, we were treated more like family. No matter time or day, she was always there to answer our questions and help guide us through the stress and anxiety that comes with filling out paperwork and going through the stress and anxiety that comes with filling out paperwork and going through the escrow process. Above all, she was ALWAYS very positive. No matter what bump on the road we came across, she was always there, committed and helpful, fighting for us at every step. We HIGHLY recommended Christie if you’re looking to buy a home. She began as our realtor and ended up being our friend. Thank you, Christie! --Shaylyn R.

Going Above and Beyond: Christie, the Amazing Realtor who Found Our Dream Home

Christie went above and beyond as our realtor. She helped us navigate the challenges as first time homebuyers in LA and helped us find an amazing home! Christie guided us through every aspect and was available at all hours! I can’t say enough positive things. Christie is amazing! --Marc F.

An Invaluable Team Player: Christie, Making Home Finding a Joyful Journey!

Christie was a valuable part of the team that helped my husband and I find our home. Yes, she was just doing her job; however, she did it accurately, professionally, with a smile, laughter and genuine care to make sure all went well. When there were hiccups, they were promptly solved. Again, she was a part of an A+ team and we are ever so grateful. Keep doing what you do and may all that is good and great come your way. --Susan R.

From First-Time Buyer to Homeowner: Christie's Expertise Made it Possible!

As a first-time buyer unfamiliar with the homebuying process Christie was AWESOME. She walked me through each step and provided me with a wealth of knowledge, patience and support. She kept me informed of potential properties in my target area, was always available for viewings, and addressed any questions or concerns that I had. With Christie’s knowledge, professionalism and expertise, I was able to close on my very first home! If you are looking for a highly qualified realtor, I definitely recommend working with Christie. She is the absolute BEST! Thank you Christie!!! --Kandyce N.

Professionalism and Friendship: Christie, the Realtor Who Guided Me to Homeownership

Sis. Christie exhibited the most professional, considerate and understanding Service throughout the home purchasing process. Though eager to purchase a home, I was nervous and apprehensive. Christie’s experience-based wisdom was a comfort as she eased my doubts by answering my questions and addressing my concerns as they arose. She made sure that I was guided through the process every step of the way. Christie, along with her well recommended loan consultant & team,walked me through a first offer acceptance and a less than 30 day escrow. Christie and her superior services blossomed into a life long friendship and permanent family realtor whose gifts in the home purchasing process intend to utilize as embark upon my future real estate endeavors. There is no realtor and superior home purchasing services that I would consider referring to family members and trusted friends other than that of Christie Thomas. --Tommy H.

Invaluable Support and Protection: Christie, the Knowledgeable Home Purchase Partner

Christie is very, very helpful in my home purchase process. From the simple to the advance details she will provide the knowledge asked for. She always ensures that she is protecting and educating me which is valuable. --Quon S.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Christie, Your Reliable Partner

Very satisfied. Easy to work with, always available, and she works hard to make sure that her clients are happy. -- Jason L.

Making Home Buying Easy with Christie's Expertise and Charm

I believe Christie went above and beyond her call of duty with our home search. Through our initial meeting came on a rare rainy day in SoCal, she made us feel relaxed and in charge of our home buying experience. She is in all ways professional in her approach and we heard numerous accolades in regards to her recommendations offer presentation. --Akira J.

Christie Goes the Extra Mile for Clients: I Highly Recommend

Christie worked tirelessly on my behalf. I appreciate her services, input on matters I hadn’t thought about. Now she is selling my mother’s home and I have referred her services to my family members too. --Shirley H.

From Independence to Success: Trusting Christie's Expertise in Home Buying

I admit, I wasn’t the easiest client to work with. I have my own way of doing things and I approached the home buying process with the same independence with which I manage everything else in my life. I drove neighborhoods looking for , for sale’s signs, I searched online, and used every home search app I could get my hands on. I spent over a year looking for my house and saw more homes than I can count! Until I became willing to listen to the advice of my realtor and rely on her expertise, I was just spinning my wheels and not getting any closer to realizing my dream of home ownership. Christie was patient and never gave up on me. She responded to my endless showing requests, connected me with several of her lending partners until I was satisfied that I was getting the best deal on my mortgage, and she advised me on how to position myself and my offer in the best possible way to get my offer accepted by the seller. When we finally found the perfect home, Christie negotiated a purchase price $5,000 LESS than the listed price– quite a feat in this seller’s market!If you are looking to buy or sell a home, Christie is a real estate agent you can trust! I recommend her wholeheartedly. -- Jacqueline T.

Response from Christie to Jacqueline T.

Thank you so much for the review. I enjoyed working with you and helping to make your home buying goals come true. Whether you needed to look at 1 or 2 homes or dozens of homes before you were confident we found the “right” one, I hope you knew it was okay with me. You can trust that my goals were your goals and I stood by my guarantee to stick with you until we achieved them. I’ll look forward to receiving my invitation to the house warming. I'll be interested to see what’s growing in your new backyard garden.

An Unforgettable Experience: Christie, Our Guardian Angel in the Real Estate Game

Cannot begin to share what a roller coaster ride the Real Estate Game is, as a first time home buyer my wife and I had very limited knowledge of the hoops and loops this business offers. However by the grace and patience of Almighty God, we made contact with this heaven sent angel in the form of a Real Estate Agent whom goes by name of Christie Thomas out of the Inglewood, California area. Not only did Mrs. Thomas explain every single detail and literally held our hand through this experience until we had the keys to our first home, she absolutely went over and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we became proud owners but also knowledgeable owners.I am so confident in our purchase and comfortable that our dear friend Christie helped us make the most life changing purchase and experience ever, that we would recommend our closest and dearest trusted friends and family to purchase their next home with Christie. She is now our dearest friend and we will be forever grateful for all the wonderful blessings Christie brought to our family during this bitter sweet process of purchasing a home. We cannot thank you enough Christie!!!! --Francisco R.

Response from Christie to Francisco R.

Francisco, working with you and Claudia was a joy. You both worked so hard to prepare yourself for the purchase by diligently saving for your home loan, and quickly responding to all the underwriting conditions once we were finally in escrow (and I know it felt like the conditions would never end). But as I said, there WAS light at the end of the tunnel. It was such an honor to put the keys to your new home in your hands. Many blessings to you and your family. I look forward to staying in touch and providing the same great services to each of your friends, family, and co-workers you refer my way. All the best.

Christie: Reliable and Responsive Every Step of the Way!

Working with Christie really made home buying a good experience. She was there every step of the way & all hours of the night. She would take the time to answer my million dollar questions as well as talk me off the ledge when I was ready to pull my hair out. I definitely recommend Christie for all of your home buying or selling needs.-- Jenna T.

Response from Christie to Jenna T.

Thank you for the great testimonial Jenna! I’ve found that testimonials from clients can say more about a real estate agents than the best marketing. After all, there are many things I could say about myself, but they don’t have the same credibility as a testimonial from someone who experienced first-hand the quality of the service I provide. So, thanks again. It was truly a pleasure working with you and Matt. And, we all got to keep our hair! :) Enjoy your awesome new home!